Job and Suffering


The Pawn Who Moves Up (Down) the Ladder

Welcome to Job’s world of undeserved suffering, pain and affliction. This praying, faithful, godly man is the pawn in a spiritual battle between God and Satan […]

Bruised Hearts Often Emit the Sweetest Fragrance

Without warning, Job loses everything, including his children. But Job does not sin or curse God. Instead he teaches us that afflictions will come, and we […]

Job’s Sacred Desire

Like Job, we face times when Satan seeks to destroy our community with God — the loss of a job, death of a loved one, a […]

When Mourning and Depression Are Normal

Job knows how to handle suffering — he mourns it and grieves it. Despair and depression are normal human experiences after times of loss and are […]

Job and His Comforters

Job’s comforters have much to learn. Their sermons, condemnation and philosophical rhetoric leave Job emotionally bereft. Real comforters care enough to come uninvited, to listen carefully, […]

Why We Suffer and How to Survive

The time comes when we need to move on from suffering and mourning in order to embrace healing. Rather than wallow in our grief, we can […]

The Unsinkable Life

When we suffer, we are transformed. Job finds peace in the pain of his life, a pain that forces him beyond mere living to a unique […]

How to Cultivate Comforters

Job not only overcomes despair and suffering, he prospers. This proactive man of God responds to adversity by cultivating sustained relationships — a deep relationship with […]

Big Enough and Small Enough

Sometimes we have to stop complaining and justifying ourselves long enough to be able to listen to reason and conviction. God finally brings Job to his […]