Jeff Jones, Chase Oaks Church


The Gift of Singleness

Oftentimes, it feels like marriage is an expectation society has for each of us—as if marriage will make our lives complete. What happens when marriage doesn’t […]

Riding the Roller Coaster of Life (Elijah)

The prophet Elijah experienced great victories and great trials in his life. Calling fire down from heaven was a miraculous triumph. But lonely days of starvation […]

Doing What Love Demands

Keys to a genuine love relationship requires that we speak the truth in love and authentic humility, talk directly to the person rather than about the […]

Be a Game-Changer in Difficult Relationships

When you are in a difficult relationship, you have an opportunity to better understand where your identity and strength come from, and once you do, you […]

Handling Conflict: Fight Fair!

Paul’s model for handling conflict is outlined in Ephesians 4. Speak the truth in a loving way. Deal with the offense quickly. Fight fair. Remember the […]

Jump! Deepen Your Relationships

Deepening your relationship with someone else includes sharing hurts, revealing true feelings, confessing failures, acknowledging weaknesses, expressing doubts and asking for help and prayer.

Conner’s Cancer and Childlike Faith

Jeff Jones and Joy Cruse, mother of Conner Cruse teach on “All things work together for good to those who love God.” All things happen to […]

David and Bathsheba: A Long Way Down the Wrong Road

We must watch for the “danger of the drift” or slowly falling away from God. What is the power of hidden sin? It kills good judgment […]

Compassionate Spending: Make Your Money Count!

Having money to spend is power and the way we spend it impacts people’s lives. The prophet Micah teaches that we must live a life in […]