Jeff Jones, Chase Oaks Church


Four Keys to Live the Spirit-Filled Life

How do you truly live a life filled with the Holy Spirit? Paul teaches to speak truth, make melody, always be grateful and yield in obedience. […]

The Gift of Singleness

Oftentimes, it feels like marriage is an expectation society has for each of us—as if marriage will make our lives complete. What happens when marriage doesn’t […]

Fear: Fearing God (Proverbs 1)

What is the secret to life, according to Solomon: the fear of God. Fear is not terror. Rather it means, “I am going to bend to […]

Modern Family: How to Love

To set the tone in your home, be sure you change the rules, believe the best, and keep on loving. Defy logic. Defy gravity. Defy entropy. […]

Priceless: Marriage and the Song of Solomon

The beautiful love poem of Solomon to his bride teaches much about the passion, permanence, power and procreative purpose of marriage. Marriage is a holy covenant […]

Time Keeps on Ticking

What if your clock ran out today? Time is an earnest laborer, precision is his neighbor. Be wise, be aware of your season of life. Invest […]

The Little Foxes That Can Destroy Your Marriage

In the series “So Worth It,” describing life lessons learned from the bride and groom in the book of Song of Solomon, we discover that there […]

Riding the Roller Coaster of Life (Elijah)

The prophet Elijah experienced great victories and great trials in his life. Calling fire down from heaven was a miraculous triumph. But lonely days of starvation […]

Doing What Love Demands

Keys to a genuine love relationship requires that we speak the truth in love and authentic humility, talk directly to the person rather than about the […]