How The Good Go Bad


Leadership Lost: Rehoboam

King Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, lost his throne by listening to bad advice, by leading with fear and intimidation and by selfishness and greed. Good, godly leaders […]

How Good Families Go Bad

The stories of Eli, Samuel and David reveal that spiritual men can have unspiritual children. Four myths of child-rearing include: going to church produces spirituality, kids […]

Miriam and Aaron’s Big Power Grab: Selfish Ambition

Envy is a disease cured by submission, contentment and humility. When you stuggle with jealousy, remember: life is not fair-eternity is better than fair. You can’t […]

Lot’s Greed

How do you know if you are greedy? If you make most decisions based on the financial impact, if you put financial opportunity over family and […]

Cain’s Homemade Religion

Cain’s bloodless sacrifice was a homemade religion. Six substitutes for genuine faith God won’t accept are good morals and deeds, clear conscience, sincerity, great theology, religious […]

King Me: Saul’s Fall

Saul did not completely obey God, and in his pride and impatience lost his kingdom. Israel demanded a king so that they could be like all […]

When Good Families Go Bad

Eli, Samuel and David were godly men who were terrible fathers. Myths that growing up in a spiritual leader’s home will produce godly offspring include going […]