Greater Than: God's Attributes in Psalms


Confident Prayer: Praying the Names of God

We can pray to God using His many names: God, Mighty and Majestic, God our Helper, God our Righteousness, God our Sanctifier, God our Peace and […]

David: Greater Than Our Hurts

King David experiences rejection, grief, abandonment, guilt, humiliation and disappointment during his lifetime. In his psalms, David examines the darkness in his life only to discover […]

Greater Than Our Doubts

King David doubts God because his life is falling apart. He doesn’t think God cares. Asaph doubts God because his world is falling apart. He doesn’t […]

Greater Than My Life Scripts

A life script is an ongoing program for our lives that we act out automatically. The script can be constructive, destructive, non-productive or a combination of […]

Greater Than Any Distance

God is greater than any distance we create. He is all-knowing, all-powerful and everywhere all the time. Even though our inclination is to wander, God focuses […]

Greater Than My Disappointments

Disappointment is part of the cycle of life. Sometimes disappointment comes from our own faulty thinking, foolish choices or from vulnerable moments following great mountaintop experiences. Asaph […]

Greater Than Our Failures

King David’s prayer of repentance and restoration models what we can do to overcome failure and sin in our lives. Honest confession, brokenness and an assurance […]