First Peter: Help in Hard Times


Grace to the Humble

God calls us to be clothed in humility just as Christ demonstrates when He washes the disciple’s feet at the Last Supper. The humble recognize that […]

Suffering as a Shepherd

The book of 1 Peter deals with the issue of the discipline of suffering. In chapter five, Peter teaches the importance of good leadership and followship […]

Peter’s Puzzle: Spirits in Prison

Christ’s preaching to the “spirits in prison” between His death and resurrection is interpreted in four possible ways: Jesus ministers through His disciples to the lost […]

Joy In Suffering

Peter emphasizes the paradox of experiencing joy in the midst of suffering. We can know God’s grace and peace when we suffer for His name and […]

Session Two: Lessons We Learn Through Suffering

We endure persecution for doing good when we suffer as a citizen of the Kingdom. We endure persecution for bearing the name of Christ as a […]

Help in Hard Times: First Peter Session One

Session one of Dr. Toussaint’s seminar introduces the theme and the purpose of the book. 1 Peter was written to encourage suffering saints who were being […]