Finest of Francis Chan


Getting Real: What’s in Your Closet?

Psalm 51 is a great pattern for confession and repentance. After visiting a church in the midst of a great revival, Pastor Chan believes the key […]

How the Holy Spirit’s Attributes Change Your Life

The first part of the message deals with the passion and compassion a church should have. The second part of the message deals with the topic […]

The Most Important Lesson I Could Ever Teach

The parting words of Peter were urgent pleas to seek the Lord in His Word and live life from an eternal perspective. Pastor Chan concurs and […]

Living a Life That Matters: Stop Talking and Live for God

This dynamic service features a newspaper reporter’s observation of revival among the college students in their service. A powerful testimony of Clayton, an 18-year-old boy dying […]

What Do You Need in Order to Be Happy?

Sermon begins with commissioning missionaries to Indonesia, followed by a teaching on complete surrender to Christ from Philippians 4. Voltaire once said, “God created man in […]

Living With Joy

What is the source of your joy? Why do you get anxious? God reveals through Paul His plan for inner peace and strength. WATCH CLAYTON’S STORY

Why Do People Hate Church?

People who are searching for Christ are frustrated by feeling they have to keep a set of rules to please God. The concept of receiving unconditional […]

Reviving Our Hearts for Worship

Coming into God’s presence for worship requires us to humble ourselves, listen, and put away any uncleanness that can scar our lives. God’s revelation of His […]

Living Courageously

Living courageously means sharing Christ fearlessly. We bond together as co-workers as we reach the world for Christ. Church-goers are not to be consumers, but committed […]