Finest of Francis Chan


Living with Jesus: Supernatural Companionship

Watch out for the “dogs” who teach works instead of faith by grace alone. We must count everything as loss for the sake of Christ, and […]

Be a Person of Integrity: Honesty

Honesty is not something that can simply be taught in a sermon. It is revealed by the light of God’s truth and the conviction of the […]

Think Hard, Stay Humble: The Life of the Mind and the Peril of Pride

True humility is not self-focused, but filled with thoughts of God and compassion for others. How can we build them up? Do you want to brag […]

Spy the Lies: Recognize False Teaching

There’s a vast difference between legalism and holiness. There is also a great difference between asceticism and suffering. Colossians 2:16-23 talks about true spirituality and identifying […]

When Sin Looks More Enjoyable Than God

Is temptation the work of God, Satan or self? God’s free gift of salvation frees us to live pure lives in intimacy with God.

Fighting Hypocrisy Inside the Church

We must have a God-centered, not man-centered theology. Therefore, it is our obligation to keep Christ’s Bride, the Church, pure. If we do not judge and […]

James: Freed to Serve

James teaches that being a servant of God is a joyful life. Great servants like Moses, Joshua and David are described. We are encouraged to serve […]

Living a Life That Matters: Humbly Serve

Christ modeled humility for us by laying aside His heavenly glory, living on earth and dying for our sins. There are several ways we can model […]

Do As You’re Told? A New Attitude Towards Authority

Words like “submit” and “do as you are told” are foreign to our culture. But Jesus said that He did nothing on His own-only what His […]