Finest of Francis Chan


Living Unpredictably

The image of God on the earth should show in the lives of Christ’s followers. Others should be surprised to see the love, forgiveness and spiritual […]

Stop Working, Start Receiving: Grace

“Paul warns the Galatian church not to disparage God’s lavish gift of grace in the Salvation of Jesus Christ. To set aside such a gift and […]

Living a Life of Sacrifice

Our lives must be lived in complete surrender to Jesus, constantly from and eternal perspective. Our daily work and ministry will be fruitful as we obey […]

Psalm 100: Prayer and Praise

The service begins with a video of the “Children’s Hunger Fund” which received one million dollars from Cornerstone Church. The video is followed by a powerful […]

Christian Love that Defies Description

The service begins with the baptism of a young girl who was supposed to be dead in the womb after a DNC. Instead, she survived and […]

Lukewarm and Lovin’ It

The church at Laodecia was called lukewarm by Christ because they were apathetic, materialistic, and self-sufficient. We must not be satisfied with our spiritual condition. We […]

Brownie Points: Grace and Works

We have received all things by the grace, the unmerited favor of God, but all our work is done in the light of that truth and […]

Empowered to Love and Restore

Paul gives us a picture of loving restoration in Galatians 6:1-10. We must restore people who have fallen into sin by gently counseling them and bearing […]

Erasing Hell

Trying to explain God’s thoughts on hell must be approached with humility-not with heartlessness, arrogance, or carelessness. People’s eternal destiny is at stake. We must never […]