Finest of Francis Chan


Worship the Greatness of a Galactic God

Stunning videos of the universe from the Hubble telescope confirm the picture of a giant incomprehensible God. How could we view ourselves as important when we […]

Psalm One: Walking Hand in Hand with God

The godly person stays apart from worldly influences, reverences God supremely and feeds on His Word continually. He will weather any storms. from Cornerstone Church archives, […]

Gutsy Faith: Free at Last!

We can stand in good conscience before God and others because of God’s grace. Regardless of viewpoints expressed in the Galatian church about circumcision, all believers […]

Cheetos and Treadmills: Grace to Become Who We Want to Be

Christians are called to be surrendered to the leadership of the Holy Spirit and bring glory to Christ. We are no longer able to live according […]

The Unexpected Thrill of Following Jesus

Francis Chan teaches that complete obedience to the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s leading produces unexpected joy in your life. Following Jesus half-way is not an […]

Deadbeat Dads? What a Man’s Gotta Do! (Father’s Day)

Paul gives five commands to be a model Christian, husband and father. Be on your guard, stand firm in your faith. Be courageous. Be strong. Do […]

The First and Last Command Jesus Ever Gave

God speaks to His prophet, “Ezekiel, you will be like a person with a beautiful voice, that they love to hear but not obey the words. […]

Here Comes Jesus: Are You Ready?

Jesus may come at any moment. We should live with such urgency and purity that we will focus our lives in the light of that truth. […]

Making Your Life Count for Christ

How do you live your life in a way that’s worthy of Jesus? What kind of spiritual service is “fruitful labor” for God? Why did Paul […]