Finest of Francis Chan


When God Doesn’t Listen

God is serious about our commitment to Him. Our prayers must be carefully crafted and come from an obedient heart and an expectant faith. Chan summarizes […]

Humble Before God’s Greatness

God’s favorite posture is kneeling. Humility is the key to knowing God.Miriam, Moses’ sister and Aaron, Moses’ brother, questioned God’s leadership. Miriam was punished by God […]

Freedom Found in Faith

Finding faith can transform us. Hebrews 11 teaches us that because we belong to Christ, we can have confidence with God that He will guide our […]

Why Giving Up is Not an Option!

Francis Chan teaches that in order to live the Christian life you must follow Jesus and not give up. He will strengthen you to make the […]

Are You Trying Too Hard, or Trusting God’s Grace?

The Apostle Paul tells his story about how he turned from being proud and religious to being humble and trusting God for his salvation as a […]

I’m in Love: What Prayer is Really All About

We often reduce prayer to a chore or transaction. Prayer is supposed to be the most natural expression of our love for God. Preached at Cornerstone […]

On Fire for Jesus

Some of you are holding on to something that is killing you. Some of you that are Christian have this sin that you are holding on […]

Breaking Down the Wall of Shame-Psalm 32

Francis Chan teaches on God’s heart revealed through David’s Psalm 32, a psalm of confession. This wall between us and God is either from a faulty […]

Grounded in the Faith: Psalm 1

In a marriage ceremony, you are saying “I want to spend the rest of my life with my spouse”. In baptism, you are saying “I want […]