Finest of Francis Chan


When Satan Strikes the Church: Handling Moral Failure

Pastor Francis Chan deals with the moral failure of a church leader in a wise, compassionate, godly fashion. Sin must be dealt with, but our focus […]

Living a Life That Matters!

Pastor Chan teaches that after the fall, God promises to restore the world to Himself. All of our lives should be lived in light of the […]

Stop Stressing About Money!

Francis Chan addresses greed in the lives of believers. He explains that while we live life it easy to be captured by money and things, missing […]

Rein in Your Wild Words: Worship God

Be careful of your wild, impetuous words, because you are in God’s presence. Christians are the temple of God. Don’t rush into His presence, come before […]

The Greatest Things in Life are Accidents

Francis teaches on the importance of trusting in God to lead us towards what is best for us. Planning, while not always a bad thing, can […]

Discovering Who I Am in God’s Eyes

We spend so much time trying to impress God that we forget He is crazy in love with us. Rest in His love and not in […]

Finish Strong: Caleb

Caleb modeled radical faith into his later years. King Asa, in contrast, trusted in his allies rather than God. Instead of getting comfortable and complacent as […]

What’s So Great About Jesus?

The Apostle Paul commended the Colossian believers for their faith, their love for the saints and their hope of heaven. Paul prayed for them to live […]

The Cure for a Wasted Life

In this study of 1 Peter, Peter promises that we have everything we need for life and godliness. God wants to replace ordinary living for an […]