Finest of Francis Chan


End Time Sins Are in the Church

A time is coming to the church where “people will be lovers of self.” Do you feel like this time has already come? The Bible says […]

God is Strong in Us!

This is God’s universe and God does things His way. You may have a better way, but you don’t have a universe. God commands us to […]

Addicted to Jesus

God wants us to be addicted to Him. We can fall in love with doing good things, with resisting sin, with caring for the poor, with […]

The Precious Gift You Cannot Buy

Grace is almost incomprehensible to the human mind, because we believe we have something to offer God apart from Christ. Grace is free and cannot be […]

Beware of Good Liars

False teachers are often hard to spot. They appear to be righteous, but pander lies of relativism, subjective morality, social gospel, and universalism. Christ wants us […]

A New Attitude Towards People

Christ has created us to put off our old sinful natures and to become compassionate, kind, gentle, humble, grateful people. We must demonstrate patience toward others, […]

Stand Strong when Faith Is Hard

Could be God preparing us for the future, so that we are ready to share our faith in a post-Christian culture, under persecution? Or are we […]

God’s Power Over Sickness and Death

Francis Chan teaches this simple message on the prayer of faith and Jesus’ power to heal. The concluding video of God’s angelic protection is riveting. Don’t […]

What Everyone Needs to Know About Demons

Satan’s tactics are subtle. He masquerades as an angel of light so that the things he tempts us with look beautiful. However the only good and […]