Fearless: Gutsy Faith


Fearless Parenting: Instilling Values in Your Children

Passing the torch is part of a parent’s job description. Many things are better “caught” than “taught.” Strong marriages teach your children how to love and […]

Money: What If There Isn’t Enough?

Financial freedom starts with how we think. Money is not an accurate measure of God’s favor. We mustn’t equate net worth with self-worth. Money does not […]

Fearless Daniel Thriving in Babylon

Daniel lived fearlessly in the midst of the hostile, pagan Babylonian culture. Living a “gutsy” life doesn’t mean we deny the reality of darkness and fear, […]

Defying Failure and Rejection

Mary and Martha both loved Jesus. But Martha worked hard for Jesus’ approval, fearing failure and rejection. Am I working against God, apart from God or […]

Beating Death: Just Be There!

The tighter we hold onto life, the harder it will be to let go. The believer sees death as a graduation, not the end!

Skeletons in the Closet: Overcoming Your Past

Refusing to deal with the past robs us of our future. We must face and accept the truth and receive grace instead of guilt. Our “skeletons” […]

Facing Your Fears

Strength and courage come from the choices we make more than the feelings we have. Joshua received God’s blessing because He obeyed in he face of […]