Ed Young Jr., Creative Pastors


Revelation: Timeline of the End Times

When is the rapture of the church? When is Armageddon? Does the Millennial Reign of Christ really happen? Why the urgency of sharing the Gospel? Because […]

Pre-Fight Weigh-In: Your Family’s Health

Every fighter knows that the battle begins long before entering the ring. We evaluate our relationship to God, our marriage and our children. We must train […]

Drones: What Does God Really Know?

God knows everything. He knows what we do before we do it, what we think before we think it, what we say before we say it, […]

Hecknology: Will Technology Grow or Hinder Your Spiritual Life?

Technology can elevate us, causing us to be proud, self-centered or self-promoting. Technology can hurt and humiliate. It can also suffocate you, emptying your life of […]

Camel Filter: Wealth and the Eye of the Needle

One of the hardest sayings of Jesus has to do with a camel, a needle, and money. It causes us to consider closely the materialistic way […]

Wild: Have Vision!

One of the most important aspects of a successful life is knowing where to go. An eagle has eight times more visual cells per cubic centimeter […]

The Killer Betrayal: Don’t Fall in Its Trap

Betrayal comes from those closest to you, striking at a crucial time. It is fueled by jealousy and envy, and can lead to a total breakdown […]

Beating Temptation: An Interview with the Devil

You can beat temptation. Satan’s tests us to meet our needs in an illegitimate way, to use power for personal gain, and to de-throne the Lord […]

RPM’S: Relationships, Passion and Marriage

Society has its notion of what makes dating, relationships and marriage thrive. But a quick look under the hood reveals a longing to get back on […]