Desiring God with John Piper


You Will Never See Death!

God directed you to this sermon, I believe, so that you would know, first, that you don’t have to die, and, second, so that you would […]

Judge or Forgive? The Prodigal Son

This moving sermon by John Piper was preached at Watermark Church and was titled “A Tender Word for Pharisees.” Jesus shows God’s love for Pharisees in […]

Probability, Prejudice and Christ

What is the difference between necessary judgments of probability and sinful prejudice? How did Jesus respond in these situations? In a reflective look of Martin Luther […]

Covenant Love: Secrets to Staying Married

Staying married is not about staying in love. It is about keeping covenant. “Till death do us part,” or, “As long as we both shall live” […]

Boiling for Jesus

We cannot afford to be lukewarm Christians. Paul teaches in Romans 12:11 that serving the Lord means 1) seeing the Lord as worth more than what […]

I Have Seen the Lord: How Different Generations Come to Faith

In the last generation, the rise of existentialism says that there are fixed, closed natural laws, that make the world understandable and scientifically manageable, and these […]

Jesus a Liar? The Common Root of Unbelief

Jesus’ own brothers and countrymen doubted His deity and Messiahship because He wouldn’t claim an earthly kingdom and take His country by storm. ?Many of the […]

How Should Miracle Gifts Be Used in the Church?

John Piper affirms the use of “the miracle gifts” mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12-14, but believes that the most effective forum is in the context of […]

Single in Christ: Better Than Sons or Daughters

God promises spectacular blessings to those of you who remain single in Christ, and he gives you an extraordinary calling for your life. To be single […]