Daring Greatly


Daring Greatly 4: Peace in Your Storms

Jesus stilled the storm for his disciples when they were terrified and paralyzed with fear. Christ is not threatened by our life’s storms. He asks us […]

Daring Greatly 3: Daring to Trust

When will we dare to trust that Jesus is who he says He is, and will do what He said he will do? Self-dependence and fear […]

Daring Greatly 2: Godly Friendships

Daring to befriend someone takes courage. Jonathan humbly protected and encouraged David. We are capable of loving others because we are loved by God. Part Two […]

Daring Greatly 1: The Church Rises Up

We know that Christ is powerful in us as individuals. When we gather together it is strong and vibrant. We are the church – a gathering […]