Crossing the Jordan: Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua


Landmines in the Promised Land: Pitfalls in the Midst of Blessings

The promised land landmines include unrealistic expectations that lead to disappointment with God, amnesia that leads to fear and arrogance, and partial obedience that leads to […]

Facing Life’s Floods

When we face life’s floods, our way through is obedience to God. Obedience puts God in the front, shows where our faith is. Blessings are not […]

Joshua: Path of Promise or Cowardly Detour

God promised Joshua and the Israelites that they would take the land. But God’s promises also come with conditions. Cowards, who refuse to follow God’s plan, […]

Jericho: When a Wall Needs to Fall

When a Jericho (a seemingly insurmountable obstacle) blocks your path, never confuse God’s patience with weakness or approval. in yesterday’s (or someone else’s battle plan. God […]

Handling Conflict and Misunderstanding God’s Way

We learn from the misunderstanding between the twelve tribes of Israel that conflicts must be handled appropriately. We should be proactive about the things of God. […]

Making Decisions, Keeping Commitments

When you need to make a big decision, don’t be hasty. Get the facts, inquire of the Lord. Once you’ve make a commitment, keep it no […]