Craig Groeschel,


God Uses Highly Unlikely People: The Widow at Zarephath

God used a highly unlikely widow-pagan and impoverished, to richly provide for God’s prophet Elijah. Never underestimate. So often we think God cannot use us because […]

Anxious? The Perspective of Praise

Anxiety will always try to stop you from chasing God’s calling. Join Pastor Craig Groeschel to see how to start coping with anxiety by adopting a […]

How to Develop Godly Habits

Daniel the prophet was a great man. He was dedicated, disciplined, excellent of spirit and a mighty leader. How do we develop good habits? Small, consistent […]

One Minute After You Die

What happens when you close your eyes in death? The questions you have about life after death can leave you wondering, but they don’t mean you have […]

Bad Advice: How to Be Dissatisfied

Focus on being ungrateful. Compare what you have to people who have more. Pursue temporary possessions over eternal treasures. Develop and attitude of entitlement. Preached at Used by […]

Criticizing: My Big Fat Mouth

Words are powerful. They can beat us down and lift us up. They wound and they heal. And the right words at the right time can […]

Hope Beyond Here: End Time Rewards

What should you know about the end of the world? God wins! And if you have received Christ, rewards are waiting for you. Learn about your […]

My Big Fat Mouth: Lying

According a University of Massachusetts study, 60% people cannot have a 10-min conversation without lying.We lie to impress, avoid conflict, get away w/something, shift blame, or […]

How to Love Like Jesus Does

Jesus embodied compassion. What can we learn from how He treated others? True compassion demands action. It interrupts our daily routine. Caring costs. But compassion changes […]