Best Easter Sermons


I Thirst: Understand Jesus’ Suffering on the Cross

It was a Red Letter Day. Bloody, beaten, and nailed to a cross, a dying Jesus looked at those around Him and spoke His final words […]

Easter: Why Is Christianity Unique?

All religions: Hinduism, Islam, New Age, Mormonism, Scientology-have some truth and beauty but are not the same. Christianity is far different because a holy, mighty God […]

How the Bible Proves the Resurrection!

Did Christ rise from the dead? How do we really know? Many scholars refute the resurrection because they say the gospels were written much later in […]

The Greatest Story Forever Told

All the best stories have it. The right setting. The climactic action. The memorable characters. And the greatest story forever told is no exception. Steven Furtick […]

No More Nails!

When Jesus paid the ultimate price on the cross to extend mercy, He never intended for us to keep it to ourselves. Discover the freedom found […]

The Resurrection? Prove It to Me!

The idea of a resurrection demands our faith and absolute surrender. If Christ did not rise, there is no hope. There is no meaning apart from […]

Thank God It’s Friday

The Easter season reminds us of the greatest gift God bestowed upon mankind, the hope for everlasting life through Christ. Jesus’ death on the cross and […]

Judas Iscariot, The Suicide of Satan and the Salvation of the World

History’s most spectacular sin was the murder of Jesus. Satan’s power in Judas’ sinful passions, Satan’s role in His own destruction, God’s role in the murder […]

Risen Jesus: Ruling and Reigning

The resurrection of Jesus provides us with complete victory in life. He conquered death for us, He rules the universe and He places Satan underneath His […]