Best Christmas Sermons


Do You See What I See?

Grace really is, relationally speaking, it really is the unsettling solution for just about everything. Jesus was full of grace. He extended it to people who […]

The Journey Up to Bethlehem

What’s on your mind this Christmas season? Perhaps your thoughts are dwelling on the stressful demands of your job, a struggling relationship, or some big changes […]

How to Receive the Best Gift

Most times the reason we don’t let go of worldly things is that we don’t seem to realize that there is something better and more important […]

The Christmas Table: David and Mephibosheth

King David had no reason to invite Saul’s crippled grandson, Mephibosheth, to sit at his royal table. But David had made a covenant with Jonathan. Jesus […]

Holiday Survival Guide

What does God want us to wear for the holidays? Forgiveness, acceptance, love and godliness. His clothes are pure and perfect. They never go out of […]

Mary’s Trek: Making God Your Shelter

A unique look at Mary’s difficult journey in conjunction with Psalm 121 from the Psalms of Ascents teaches us how we can overcome obstacles by going […]

Scandal at Christmas: Jesus’ Family Tree

It’s rather shocking to examine the history of Jesus’ family tree- a lineage of prostitutes, scandal, adultery, murder, and idolatry– but all to prove that it […]


In an instant…God spoke creation into existence. God began to prepare a plan to reconcile us back to Himself. But Christmas is free, but not cheap; […]

Random Christmas

Perfect faith is to respond to the seemingly random events of life as if they are part of the perfect plan of God. We were created […]