Be the Church


God’s Church Must Be Potent and Relevant

We are called to be a light of the world kind of community – as the Church. We must maintain a focus and a relevancy that […]

Inner Transformation is God’s Goal

Growth is a reality for all living things. When it comes to growing spiritually: is it just simply knowing more about God? It’s more than that. […]

Creative Ways to Worship (Part Four)

Andy Thomas, Casas Church worship pastor, shares about how worship is a 168 hour a week adventure. He shares some insights and principles that can influence […]

Jesus’ Mission for His Church (Part Three)

Jesus’ message – the gospel – changes everything and invites us into the story He’s been writing throughout history. How did Jesus frame out the gospel? […]

Developing Your Mission for Your Church (Part Two)

Every church or organization that wants to be effective and healthy must stay focused on its mission. Today, Glenn walks us through the mission God has […]

The Birth of the Early Church: Living Out God’s Love

When Jesus began the church – it was so much more than an institution, it was a movement of His followers. It centers around a relational […]