Andy Stanley-North Point Community Church


Anger: You’re Not the Boss of Me!

When we feel anger, our emotions tell us it’s 100 percent someone else’s fault. But James, the brother of Jesus, has something different to say. When […]

Say Yes: Be Rich in Good Deeds

Andy Stanley and comedian Jeff Foxworthy discuss life issues and the importance of making a difference in our community. “When the church does good, God’s name […]

Trading Your Future for Lusts

We often trade what we’ve decided and what we know is most important for a bowl of stew. What’s true of Esau is true of you. […]

What Happens When My Rights Collide with Your Rights?

Individual rights assume individual responsibility. We are a nation of laws, but we can do better. We as Christians are commanded to love our neighbors as […]

Why Church?

Peter had to convince the early church to invite “pagan” Gentiles into the Body. How can be more welcoming and make our churches a safe place […]

Christ Alone: Hope for a Broken World

My identity is not in what I see. “My identity is not in my future accomplishments or my past failures.” “I do not live a life […]

When Fear Impacts Your Faith

The story of the fearful disciples facing imminent drowning or shipwreck called out for Jesus. Peter saw Jesus walking on the waves and stepped out of […]