Andy McQuitty Podcast Series


How to Have a Spiritual Conversation

God has gone before us to work in the hearts of people who don’t know Christ. 

He Won My Life

The brutal battle Jesus fought to obtain our freedom from sin is described. Adam left us a death sentence: We are separated from God as a […]

Ready, Set, Fearless

The “ready” position is the stance that an athlete takes to be prepared to take on any challenge. If you’re ready, you are not afraid. Don’t […]

The Good Shepherd

Old Testament shepherds sacrificed their sheep. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, sacrificed Himself for us, His sheep. False shepherds only care about fleecing the sheep and stealing […]

No More Tears

Mary Magdalene learned from the resurrected Christ that God is real, He loves her deeply and eternally, and she had a purpose to share Jesus with a […]

The Canine and the Pachyderm

Every Christ-follower needs to claim their place of belonging in God’s family, the church. God has gifted us uniquely to serve in the body and meet […]

Be Like Boaz

Boaz exemplified the generosity and condescension of Christ as he bestowed upon Ruth his undeserved favor. We should be grateful for grace and having received it, […]

Cabbage at the Salad Bar

We must live lives of generosity that reflect the character of a benevolent God. God ordained His work to be financed by the gifts of His […]

How to Spot the Gorilla

People are so narrowly focused that they often miss the obvious. As believers, we are chosen and called for the praise of His glory. We must […]