Activate Your Faith


Passing On the Blessing

The Blessing is something we all crave and long for in life. The approval, appreciation, and affirmation is what we need to keep moving forward. The […]

How to Hope

Every trial in life is an opportunity to discover what God wants us to see and to experience His hope-giving presence. Jesus, according to Peter, is […]

Release the Power of Grace

Grace is God’s power enacted in a human life. We need grace when we feel we are going to fail, when we experience pain, anger, and […]

Fairness vs. Forgiveness

Fairness is only fair. It’s not life-changing or life-giving. Fairness is good, but ultimately fairness is powerless. Fairness will not heal your soul or set you […]

Press Play

Press Play and get “unpaused” in living the life Jesus has for us. Examining Matthew 6:25-34, Glenn unpacks some truths for us to activate our faith.  […]