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21 Days of Prayer

This next month we begin an important conversation about our vision for the next mission season of connecting people to Jesus and one another at Southeast […]

Knowing God Through Prayer

KNOWING GOD THROUGH PRAYER There is one practice in the Christian life that many Christians struggle with: prayer. Think about it this way: many Christians want […]

Prayer Guide for Parents

Praying For Your Children by Dr Neil Anderson The Apostle Paul concludes his teaching on the armour of God by saying, “With all prayer and petition […]

Creative Christmas Prayer Crafts to Make with Your Child

Teach your children to encourage and inspire others with homemade prayer gifts at Christmastime. Here are some creative craft ideas that show children the true meaning […]

Kingdom-Centered Prayer

Throughout the Old and New Testaments and church history, every spiritual awakening was founded on corporate, prevailing, intensive, kingdom-centered prayer. We cannot create spiritual renewal by […]

Levels of Prayer

Psalm 95 is a model for approaching God in prayer. It begins with praise and thanksgiving. The Apostle Paul seldom mentioned prayer in the New Testament […]

The Kingdom Power of Prayer

Prayer is the key that allows believers to experience the power of heaven on earth – but prayer has to be prioritized. The last chapter of […]

Augustine’s Four Rules of Prayer

Anicia Faltonia Proba (died AD 432) was a Christian Roman noblewoman. She had the distinction of knowing both St. Augustine, who was the greatest theologian of […]

Awakening to the Power of Prayer

Recently, my loving husband had surgery to remove a brain tumor.  When we learned of the tumor, some doctors were moving fast and some painfully slow.  […]

How to Be SURE God Will Answer Your Prayer!

John Piper teaches a powerful lesson on God’s conditions for answering your prayers. Here’s how to pray more powerfully! “God never ignores his children. He is […]

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