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You Can Have the “Jaw-Dropping” Peace of God

What is your “peace barometer”? How do you define and measure God’s peace in your life? Have you ever heard a Christian say they have decided […]

I Have A Peace About It: Or Do I? God’s Will

Christians often justify their decisions by saying, “I have a peace about it.” Is that a cop-out? Is God’s peace subjective? “Peace” is one of those Christianese terms that […]

Say Hello with “Grace and Peace”

What’s your go-to greeting? “Good morning!” “Hey!” “How are you doing?” “Grace and peace to you” was likely the most frequently used greeting offered by the […]

How Do You Pray for Peace in Jerusalem?

Dear Roger, With everything that is taking place in the Mid-East, it is easy to see Bible prophecy playing out right before our eyes. The Bible […]

Why God’s Peace is the Key to Spiritual Victory

True peace is the fruit of being confident in God’s love; it is born of the revelation that, regardless of the battle, “Greater is He who […]

Keeping the Peace at Christmastime

Christmastime… that peaceful, everybody-gets-along time of year, right? Not necessarily. Harmony in relationships can be challenging year round, but as activities increase with holiday celebrations and […]

Peace in Jerusalem?

Dear Roger, Why does God Tell us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem? With everything that is taking place in the Mid-East, it is easy […]

God’s Gift of Peace

With the Global Peace Index the lowest it’s been in a decade and the Misery Index at a high, it’s hard to believe that peace is […]

The Third Temple and the Israel Peace Accords

Dear Roger, I’ve seen questions about the Third Temple and current peace treaties happening with Israel all over social media. President Trump helped orchestrate the […]

If Christ Predicted War, May Christians Pray for Peace?

I ask this question because some Bible-believing Christians feel that prayer for peace in these “last days” would be contrary to God’s will, since Jesus said, […]

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