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Meaningful Living in a Smaller World during COVID-19

Most of us have experienced our personal worlds becoming smaller in the past few weeks. As of this writing, much of the U.S. and the rest […]

COVID, Crisis and Creativity

If you were to list your top three most creative people, who would be on that list? Maybe Vincent van Gogh? Walt Disney? JK Rowling? Thomas […]

How to Talk to Your Kids and Grandkids about COVID-19

Here’s what Pastor John Piper said when he was speaking to children about COVID-19. “I’m 74 years old. That means I’m old enough to be your […]

COVID-19 Dangerous Trends: What is a Life Worth?

Dear Roger, Ken Turnage, a planning commissioner in Antioch, California is quoted as saying: “Just as a forest fire clears dead brush, the sick, the old, […]

COVID: What On Earth is Going On?

We’re being told to wash our hands, and to wash our hands a lot. Well, as you wash your hands, I want you to wash somebody […]

How Do I Make Sense of COVID-19?

Pastor John Piper was asked “How Do We Make Sense of the Coronavirus?” Here is his thoughtful answer: “How do I make sense of this? How […]

Does COVID-19 Pave the Way for a One-World Government?

Dear Roger, I see nations fighting an invisible enemy. Could these collaborative strategies mean we are headed for a one-world government to solve our problems? Isn’t […]

Re-Opening Your Church: What Will Be Left and Who Will Still Come?

As churches slowly reopen their physical doors, church leaders are all asking the same question: who will still be around? It’s a great question. And not an […]

You Can Run Toward the Fire!

How do you quantify fear? How do you measure anxiety? None of us knows what lies ahead of us with the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation. When scientists’ […]

3 Keys to What We Are Processing Right Now

So much of what’s on the news today truly feels like something we’d only see in a Hollywood movie — not real life. COVID-19 has not […]

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