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The Brutal Suffering of Jesus

As Americans, we live in a sanitized and antiseptic culture. Everything is clean, orderly, and has its place. Even our suffering. Most Americans don’t experience extreme brutality […]

My Biblical Checklist for Suffering

I woke up in Hell. Really. It was that hot. Open heart surgery was finished and my thirteen-year-old body was racked with pain. It’s easier today. […]

Can I Be Happy in Suffering? Yes!

When I saw the movie Paul, Apostle of Christ, I was surprised at how dark it was, focusing almost exclusively on Rome’s brutal violence done against […]

Getting Stuck in Suffering

During the past two years, as I was writing a book on the subject, I have spent time recalling and distilling the many lessons I’ve learned […]

Suffering and Death: Why Does God Allow It?

Why does God allow suffering and death? This is the age-old question that has plagued man for thousands of years. It is a direct challenge against […]

How Do I Explain Suffering to My Five-Year-Old?

Dear Roger, How do I explain to my five-year old why God lets people be poor and homeless? In other words, how do I explain suffering […]

Can I Be Happy in Spite of Suffering?

God never guarantees that the Christian life will be smooth or easy. In fact, he promises the opposite: “All who desire to live godly in Christ […]

Hannah’s Hurt of Barrenness: What is the Point of Suffering?

I’ve never been a fan of Winnie-the-Pooh. Or Tigger. Or Piglet. Tigger was always too spastic. Piglet too nervous. And Pooh, just too pooh. But Eeyore? […]

The Benefits of Suffering

Suffering is only a temporary condition for the Christian, suffering is used by God to bring good, suffering will one day be eliminated.

How Do I Handle Suffering?

How do you handle the suffering that comes your way? Suffering can take many forms: mental anguish, physical pain, hurting children, grief or financial ruin. Lysa […]

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