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The Adulterous Woman: Does Grace Enable?

Just moments ago, she had enjoyed all the thrills of sleeping with a man she shouldn’t have. And only a short time later, she stood naked […]

Why I Stink at Giving Grace to Others

Sometimes I like to think I’m good at this grace thing.Mostly this happens after I have listened to the song “Oceans” by Hillsong United. Having been […]

Grace and Gratitude

Grace can be defined as an undeserved gift, that which is given, not because of any attribute of the receiver, rather out of the pure joy […]

A Glimpse of Grace

Last summer, our purebred chocolate lab enlivened our home with a litter of puppies. One of them captured the hearts of many visitors, both in person […]

Blemishes in Christian Character, Part 3, Change and Grace

Some Christians, in their effort to stress holiness of life, do not put a great deal of emphasis on God’s gracious acceptance of us despite our […]

Change and Grace: Part 1

For decades Kathy and I  have profited immensely from the pastoral wisdom of the converted slave trader John Newton. As an 18th century Anglican minister, Newton […]

By Grace Through Faith

I was thumbing through Brennan Manning’s book The Ragamuffin Gospel earlier this evening, finding myself completely enveloped in an oversized Barnes & Noble reading chair: the […]

Awaken: Revelations of Grace (Galatians Pt. 1)

The parable of the prodigal son illustrates the difference between living the Christian life by law and by grace. The question is: Will I set the […]

Release the Power of Grace

Grace is God’s power enacted in a human life. We need grace when we feel we are going to fail, when we experience pain, anger, and […]

Jacob: When God Crossed His Arms (Grace)

The series “Where Are They Now?” is concluded at Elevation Church with Judah Smith’s message about the story of Jacob and his grandsons. Joseph brought his […]

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