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Say Hello with “Grace and Peace”

What’s your go-to greeting? “Good morning!” “Hey!” “How are you doing?” “Grace and peace to you” was likely the most frequently used greeting offered by the […]

The Adulterous Woman: Does Grace Enable?

Just moments ago, she had enjoyed all the thrills of sleeping with a man she shouldn’t have. And only a short time later, she stood naked […]

Why I Stink at Giving Grace to Others

Sometimes I like to think I’m good at this grace thing.Mostly this happens after I have listened to the song “Oceans” by Hillsong United. Having been […]

Grace and Gratitude

Grace can be defined as an undeserved gift, that which is given, not because of any attribute of the receiver, rather out of the pure joy […]

A Glimpse of Grace

Last summer, our purebred chocolate lab enlivened our home with a litter of puppies. One of them captured the hearts of many visitors, both in person […]

How You Can Extend Grace to Your Pastor

I may or may not know your pastor. But I know one thing: your pastor is tired. I have the blessing of being a part of […]

Blemishes in Christian Character, Part 3, Change and Grace

Some Christians, in their effort to stress holiness of life, do not put a great deal of emphasis on God’s gracious acceptance of us despite our […]

Change and Grace: Part 1

For decades Kathy and I  have profited immensely from the pastoral wisdom of the converted slave trader John Newton. As an 18th century Anglican minister, Newton […]

By Grace Through Faith

I was thumbing through Brennan Manning’s book The Ragamuffin Gospel earlier this evening, finding myself completely enveloped in an oversized Barnes & Noble reading chair: the […]

Awaken: Revelations of Grace (Galatians Pt. 1)

The parable of the prodigal son illustrates the difference between living the Christian life by law and by grace. The question is: Will I set the […]

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