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Spiritual Signs of the End Times

Dear Roger, When I think of the signs of the End Times, I usually focus on the outward, visible signs. I’m familiar with what the […]

Matt. 24: Jesus Explains the End Times

Dear Roger, I’m a new Christian, and I was reading through the Gospel of Matthew. I got really excited when I came to chapter 24 […]

What Did Jesus Himself Say about the End Times?

Dear Roger, When we think about the end times we think about the book of Revelation. The apostle John wrote the entire book of Revelation. Is […]

How Can I Prepare for the End Times?

Dear Roger, It seems like the world is falling apart. I’m scared. My friends and I talk about what is happening to the global economy and […]

What Happens to America in the End Times?

Dear Roger, What happens to America in the end times? Sincerely, Peter Dear Peter, The quick and simple answer is that no one knows. However, there […]

What Do Jude and Enoch Tell Us about the End Times?

Dear Roger, Our pastor mentioned Enoch in his Sunday sermon. I’ve never heard of him. He was teaching on the book of Jude and I never […]

What Countries Are Gog and Magog in the End Times?

Dear Roger, Who are Gog and Magog in Ezekiel 38-39 and what do they have to do with the last days? Sincerely, Christopher Dear Christopher, I would be […]

Earthquakes and Oil Spills: Signs of the End Times?

Dear Roger, I’ve heard that the Bible says that one of the ways we will know that the end is near is a dramatic increase in […]

The End of the World Pt. 4: How Should We Live in the End Times?

In the Last Days, people will be greedy, godless, boastful, self-absorbed, rebellious, abusive, unholy, treacherous and destructive. As Christians we must persevere in the faith in […]

End Times Framework: What Are the Signs?

We don’t have to be confused about signs of the times. The prophet Daniel outlines the kingdoms of the world in his vision of the multi-metallic […]

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