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A Christmas State of Mind

We are going to be in Philippians chapter 2 today, as we talk about this great story, the Christmas story. You know, normally you think about […]

Eleven Keys for Making Christmas Your Best Outreach

Any idea what the best outreach opportunity of the year at your church might be? You might think it’s an event you do, or perhaps it’s Easter. […]

Six Ways to Miss Christmas!

The majority of people in the world will miss the next Christmas. But how can that be? How can anyone miss Christmas, given the amount of […]

What is the True Meaning of Christmas?

Dear Roger, From your perspective, what is the real meaning of Christmas? Sincerely, Esther Dear Esther, When I think of the real meaning of Christmas, […]

The Most Expensive Christmas Gift

Christmas is one of those holidays that is often misunderstood. Perhaps it’s because of the way that we have trivialized what the holiday represents. We hang […]

Where Did “Merry Christmas” Go?

One wonders why there are so many people in America who seem so offended at a simple greeting like, “Merry Christmas.” While talk show hosts rant about […]

Six Tips to Create Joy in Your Home This Christmas

It isn’t hard for kids to be happy around Christmas, especially if they think there’s going to be a pile of gifts waiting for them on […]

The War on Christmas: Reclaim It Today!

What are those things upon which we wage war? There are those completely virtuous and entirely untainted causes that are birthed at those seminal moments when […]

How Would Christ Celebrate Christmas?

How would Christ celebrate Christmas? It seems like a difficult question to answer. Author Erin Davis pens her thoughts: “Most years I tend to lose sight […]

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