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The Empty Tomb and Independence Day

Russell Moore inspires us as we contemplate our independence: “A few years ago, I stood at the grave of Thomas Jefferson, and wondered. I was in Charlottesville […]

How We Fight for a Godly Nation!

prayerScripture says that the Lord left nations in the promised land “to test Israel by them (that is, all who had not experienced any of the […]

America’s Faith Foundation: Founding Fathers

I love history and I love America! Thought I’d share a little of both in a brief article. For the record, this isn’t a dissertation. It’s […]

Why Should We Be Patriotic?

One of the most profound moments of my life came this past March when I visited Ellis Island in New York City. Between 1892 – 1924, […]

What Happens to Nations When Governments Lie?

Dear Roger, The chaos in our government is breaking my heart. I wonder if any politician is righteous and honest. It seems like no one tells […]

The Positive News You Need to Hear

These days, it’s easy to become obsessed with everything that’s wrong with the world. We’re continually bombarded by “news” (which is sometimes more sensational than informative) […]

Do Demons Rule Nations?

Dear Roger, A friend told me that Demons rule over nations. Is that right? Sincerely, Quinn Dear Quinn, Yes, your friend is right. According to the […]

Learn How to Pray for Our Nation

Dear Roger, The problems that face our country are not going away. Division, violence, disease is everywhere. I’ve noticed that many of my friends and family […]

The Kingdom of God vs. Our Kingdom

What do we know about the coming kingdom? Randy Alcorn shares his insights: “In Daniel 7:13-14 we’re given a prophetic revelation of four earthly kingdoms, beginning with […]

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