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Conclusive Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection

The resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, the literal physical bodily resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ from the dead is so critical to the Christian […]

What Jesus Did Each Day During His Final Week

Dear Roger, What did Jesus do each day during his last week? Sincerely, Anna Dear Anna, Jesus’ last week began on Palm […]

How Jesus Can Breathe Resurrection Power into You

Breath is crucial to our existence. When it is present, it comes with hope, opportunity, and potential. When that breath is the very breath of God, […]

Holy Week and the Insomnia of Jesus

When the disciples screamed in the face of a storm, Jesus slept (Mk. 4:37-38). When Jesus screamed in the face of a cross, the disciples slept […]

Holy Mystery: The Power of Jesus’ Sacrifice

Modalism says God simply wears different hats, which would nullify Jesus’ death on the cross as a payment to God to forgive our sins. Subordinationism or […]

Who Wants Resurrection Power? The Disciples’ Story

Dear Roger, You have preached almost 50 Easter sermons. What Easter principle means the most to you? Sincerely, Julie Dear Julie, Jesus saw people, not as […]

Turning First-Time Easter Visitors into Returning Guests

How do you keep those first-time visitors coming? Every single Sunday, the goal of our services at North Point is the same: to create an experience […]

Triumphal Entry: Why Jesus HAD to Go to Jerusalem

Luke describes the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem at the beginning of that last week of his earthly life: As he was drawing near, at the […]

Where Did Jesus Go Between the Cross and the Resurrection?

Dear Roger, My question is where did Jesus go for the 3 days and 3 nights? Did He in fact go to hell and take my […]

Reach the Easter-Christmas Crowd

It’s a challenge you face as a church leader: what do you do with people who only occasionally attend church? Like at Easter or Christmas or […]

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