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Encourage Your Husband: 30 Days and 30 Ways

I’d like to encourage you to keep track of what God does in your marriage over this next month. I hope you’ll take time to share […]

Ten Bible Blessings to Give Your Father

The Brazilians taught me the beauty of a blessing. Here is a scene repeated in Brazil thousands of times daily. It’s early morning. Time for young […]

What Makes A Good Dad?

A Good Dad Makes Godly Decisions The Lord made an agreement with Jacob and gave the teachings to Israel, which he commanded our ancestors to teach […]

Daddy Issues? How to Be a Godly Father

Do You Have a “Daddy Complex? In the secular counseling world there is a concept referred to as the “Daddy Complex.” While there is no official […]

How Do I Become a Spiritual Father (or Mother)?

Dear Roger, I want to grow up to be a spiritual person. What does a spiritual father or mother look like? How would I know one […]

What Do I Do When My Dad Disrespects My Mom?

Dear Roger, My Dad is disrespectful to my mom almost every day, and it upsets me. He often tells her to stop talking because he’s tired […]

How to Have a New Husband by Friday

Why do we reserve romance for one day a year? If we want to “spice up” our love lives, we need to make every day Valentine’s […]

Why Aren’t There Many Good Dads in the Bible?

Dear Roger, It’s approaching Father’s Day. Why are there so many bad dads mentioned in the Bible? What do you think are some of the most […]

8 Ways to Cultivate a Godly Child

An old Chinese proverb says, “One generation plants the trees, and another gets the shade.” You and I are still benefiting from the shade provided by […]

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