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Surprising Symptoms of Trauma

NYT bestselling author, John Eldredge, returns to the podcast to talk about the collective trauma we’ve been through. He outlines the surprising signs of trauma, including […]

Malcolm Gladwell: The Church and Politics

Malcolm Gladwell on His Personal Faith Journey, the Intersection of Church and Politics, and How He Fuels His Curiosity.

Why the Church is Losing Ground and How to Change

Simon Sinek unpacks his back story, including how his grandfather shaped him, how ADHD impacted his leadership and how a deep, personal crisis led to him […]

Tim Tebow: My Journey from Defeat to Victory

New York Times bestselling author and former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, talks about being cut from the NFL, losing your identity, overcoming bitterness, his workout routine, […]

Rick Warren: The Joys and Sorrows of Ministry

Pastor Rick Warren shares his insights on the ups and downs of ministry for his lifelong service to Christ at Saddleback Church with moderator Carey Nieuwhof.. […]

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