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12 Reasons Why Your Church May Not Be Attracting New People

So maybe you wonder why your church isn’t growing, or why it’s not growing faster. You’re not alone. The vast majority of churches are plateaued or […]

13 Reasons People Are Resistant to Change

You’re probably trying to change something right now. And — if you’re honest — you’ve already thought about backing off. Change seems too difficult. You’ve watched friends […]

15 Characteristics of Today’s Unchurched People

Why should we understand the heart and mind of others who do not choose to attend church? If you’re like many Christians, you have an authentic […]

5 Hard Truths About Healthy Church Growth

Most church leaders I know would love to see their church grow. Similarly, most leaders I’ve met want their church to grow for what we might […]

5 Key Tips Every Leader Should Teach His Top Leaders

If you could only tell your top leaders a few things, what would you tell them?  1. Your competency will take you only as far as […]

5 Keys to Stop Never-Ending Worship Wars

We all have them. Actually, worship wars started with Gregorian chant. Some monks got bent out of shape over the newer, fancier plainchant. Pastor Carey Nieuwhof […]

7 Things Pastors Wish They Could Say to Worship Leaders

Lead pastors spend a lot time in the front row of the church participating in worship services. In fact, if you’re a church leader reading this […]

7 Ways to Handle Toxic People

Leadership would be so much easier, the saying goes, if it wasn’t for people. And topping off the list of difficult people to work with or […]

7 Ways to Lose a 1st-Time Guest in 10 Minutes or Less

You may be fighting a losing battle. First-time guests to your church make up their minds whether they’re coming back or not in the first ten […]

Control Freaks in Leadership: 5 Ways to Let Go!

Are you a control freak? It’s easy to do, whether you are a leader of a large organization or the mother of small children. It’s amazing […]

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