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Are We Forcing Our Teens to Have Sex?

As a parent, have you ever had the feeling society is working against you in raising your children – particularly in regard to sexual matters?  If […]

Boyfriend-Girlfriend Teen Sleepovers?

The New Version of Sleepovers! Last month, USA Today ran an article written by Amanda Marcotte encouraging parents to allow their teenagers to enjoy romantic sleepovers […]

Middle-Schoolers Dating? Really?

So it’s Saturday morning and your 7th grade daughter comes running in your room and says, “Mom/Dad, Brian just called and asked me to go to […]

Sexually Pure Teens Also Make Wise Life Choices

Do you care if your child texts while driving, wears a seat belt, rides in a car where the driver has been drinking alcohol, drives a […]

What You and Your Teen Should Know About Legalized Marijuana

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your job as a parent just became a little more difficult on January 1, 2014.  If you’re drawing a […]

Why Parents and Schools Should Partner in Sex Education

Parents let schools teach the A B C’s- but what about “the birds and the bees?” In recent weeks, several Texas school districts have been in […]

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