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12 Spiritual Fears Jesus Wants You to Conquer!

I know what you are afraid of. I’ve been there myself. I understand what it means to have spiritual fear. Maybe you’e never heard it put that […]

3 Reasons for Rejecting Jesus

Rick told me that he no longer believed in Jesus or the Bible. After many years of church involvement and even ministry involvement, my friend turned […]

42 Million Dead in 2018: Defeating Abortion Arguments

Recently it has been reported that the number one cause of death world wide is abortion, with more than 42 million babies slaughtered in 2018. “There […]

5 Reasons Why a Christian Abandons Jesus

I’ve spent a portion of my last few years praying for and grieving for a friend who once claimed Christ as his own, but over the […]

A Christian Response to the Crises in the Muslim World

This is going to be controversial. I’m going to say something about Hamas, ISIS, terrorism, and Israel—and you may not like it. I don’t know if […]

A Minimalist’s Salvation

Many years ago I used to teach a Sunday morning Bible study to a group of men who had been in the church I attended for […]

A Missionary’s Most Difficult Task: Leaving Children Behind

I’ll never forget the day my friend Karl called to tell me he was leaving Mongolia, never to return. We were planning to work on a […]

A Missionary’s Perspective-Animism and Buddhism

On a recent trip to the States I had the opportunity to teach about how Animism and Buddhism have influenced Mongolian culture. Mongolia, my home for […]

A Missionary’s Response to Accepting Syrian Refugees

Tom Terry has served on the mission field for thirty years in difficult, high-pressure situations. Here is his unique perspective on the Syrian refugee crisis. “I […]

A Powerful God of Limitations?

Have you ever heard this one: Can God create a rock so heavy that even he could not lift it? Did you know that there is […]

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