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12 “Don’ts” to Protect Your Faith

STOP: Trying to make it happen and get it done. “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him.” Ps. 37:7. STOP: Focusing on yourself, […]

Counterfeit Jesus

Government officials who are trained to detect counterfeit money, don’t study the counterfeits. They study the real bills, which they have come to know so well […]

Defeating Satan’s Footholds and Strongholds

We overcome Satan’s schemes when we understand how he oppresses us and how we must defeat him. Here are some clear ways to recognize demonic oppression […]

Fear Types and Prayers to Overcome Them

Neil Anderson’s Freedom in Christ Ministry provides powerful, relevant resources for fighting spiritual battles. One of the chief battles every Christian faces is the struggle with […]

How to Help Your Spiritually Oppressed Child

Children need us to be strong and confident in the Lord. We cannot impart what we don’t possess. If the parents are not experiencing freedom in […]

How We Confront Self-Deception

Satan tempts us to sin and stops us in our tracks by accusations, but his most insidious weapon is deception, because we don’t know when we […]

How You Know If You’re a Hypocrite

RESOLVING HYPOCRISY: Most of us are unaware of how hypocrisy controls our lives. Here is a list of symptoms that will identify areas you need to […]

Levels of Prayer

Psalm 95 is a model for approaching God in prayer. It begins with praise and thanksgiving. The Apostle Paul seldom mentioned prayer in the New Testament […]

Process Your Depression and Loss God’s Way

One critical key to overcoming depression is to process your losses. A loss can be real, threatened or imagined, which is often a negative thought or […]

Psychics and Astrologers: Can They Predict the Future?

The thirst for knowledge and power has seduced the naïve and undiscerning since the dawn of history. More people have their palms and tea leaves read […]

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