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Need Meeters

God knows your need (and He’s the only one who can meet it). Instead of focusing on what I need, what I think, what I want, […]

What’s Beneath the Surface of Your Life?

God wants you to know which one is more important, the traditions of men, or the truth of God. And it’s about time for some of […]

Jesus, Mary and the Wedding Feast

Jesus assured His mother at the wedding feast that there’s always enough when He is in charge. Do you trust Christ’s provision in your own life? […]

Take Back Your Mind in an Age of Anxiety

To take back your mind, you have to humble your heart. Preached at Elevation Church. Sermon notes by

Choosing Your Chains

Everyone is chained by something. Allow God to set you free! Preached at Elevation Church. Used by permission. Notes by

Jericho: Don’t Stop Short of Victory

So many people never receive what God has promised because they don’t persevere. The first reason is because our perspective gets blocked. Secondly, I think a lot […]

The ConTENtment Commandments

Rejoice. Refuse to resent. Recognize God’s Hand at work. Appreciate all seasons of life. Don’t confuse the supply with the Source. Recognize. Release. Receive. Remain. Preached […]

How to Face Your Future with Faith!

You are an investigative reporter. Every day you are collecting evidence. Your future story has already been written based upon the nature of God and His […]

Change Your Name from Cursed to Blessed (Benjamin)

It’s often our times of greatest struggle that we can gain the most strength and increase our faith. Jacob renamed his son Benjamin. This compelling Bible story […]

When God Shows Up in the Middle of Nowhere (Jacob)

We often get so caught up thinking about where we’d rather be and what we’d rather be doing, that we forget all the places God has […]

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