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Advent: How to Open Your Heart

Advent is an intentional season of “preparedness.” We think of Advent as a “journey,” to use Oprah Winfrey’s favorite word. We think of Advent as a […]

Are You Part of the Scandal?

In many local elementary schools, every few weeks the “Lost and Found” box is emptied out and the contents are scattered down the length of the […]

Celebrate the Small Stuff: Seed Faith

Every book on change says the same thing. Change has changed. Change is no longer incremental. Change is exponential. Here is what no one will tell […]

Cheap Gospel, Weak Christ. Restoring Christ’s Supremacy

Christians have made the gospel about so many things … things other than Christ. Jesus Christ is the gravitational pull that brings everything together and gives […]

Church Pillars: Staunch or Salty?

Who are the pillars of the church? If others look to you as a “pillar of the church,” what kind of pillar are you? Jesus answers […]

Easter Eggs Symbolize More Than You Think!

Eggs sometimes get a bad rap at Easter. Eggs are such a widely used symbolic food. Everyone from dancing druids and pagan fertility gods to — […]

eBay and Our Quest for Community

I am an eBay addict. I may need help. My most recent purchase is one of the first books published by my Ph.D. adviser. It has […]

Egypt and The King’s Speech: Will You Stand Up and Raise Your Voice?

Why is it that the first directive every teacher learns how to give is “Okay, everybody, sit down and be quiet?” Or less politely, “Sit down […]

Full-Body Scan or Re-spect Spectacles

How many of you have had the experience of being stripped naked before a room full of strangers? Anyone here this morning ever been strip-searched? You […]

Hoarding Addiction: Let Jesus Simplify Your Life

Do you know a hoarder? I don’t mean somebody who can’t throw anything away. I mean somebody who keeps to himself everything he has and can’t […]

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