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Igniting Kingdom Power Through Prayer

If you want heaven’s power, you must be cultivating spiritual intimacy. Expand your capacity for God to do more for you and in you. Don’t be […]

Beatitudes: Blessings of the Kingdom

The Beatitudes are the blessings that accrue to Kingdom people…not church people – Kingdom people. Kingdom people are the men and women, boys and girls, who […]

Are You on the Rock or on the Sand?

In the Bible, Jesus tells us a story about two men who built their houses on two very different foundations. While one was built upon the […]

COVID: What On Earth is Going On?

We’re being told to wash our hands, and to wash our hands a lot. Well, as you wash your hands, I want you to wash somebody […]

Jesus The King

God’s rule had now entered history through Jesus the King – being both human and divine; He was to rule over all. It is critical for […]

How Strong is Your Faith Foundation?

We need to build our faith on a strong foundation that will protect us when the storms rage. Because a man is the foundation of our […]

You Don’t Have to Worry: Your Heavenly Father Protects You

The command “don’t worry” comes from Jesus. In Matthew chapter 6, verses 25 to 34, Jesus says “Stop worrying”, in verse 25, 31, and 34. Stop […]

Divine Disruption

How do you seek God? You pursue a relationship while simultaneously submitting to his rule, his authority, where he has the last word over your word, […]

Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

Everything visible and physical is preceded by something invisible and spiritual. The consequences we are dealing with in our lives, in our homes, in our culture, […]

The Meaning of Stewardship

God has a house. It’s called his kingdom. That’s his house. And he not only owns the house, he owns everything in the house. Psalm 24, […]

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