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When Pain Becomes Your Pulpit: Psalm 9

What do you do when you feel that the world has gathered against you? The hardest thing you ever do is to wait in God’s promises […]

Psalm 5: The Prayer to Pray in Darkness

We all struggle with evil. David expressed his sorrow and frustration in this psalm. “How Long, O God?” David struggled – and then he prayed fervently. When […]

Burden-Bearing: True Spirituality

Paul teaches in Galatians 5:24 through 6:10 that true spirituality is manifested in a loving concern for others. The crucified life is a life of love […]

Revelation 22: What Happens After the End?

The Book of Revelation recounts the events of the End Times, weaving God’s plan at the creation to the wrath of God, the final judgment, and […]

Revelation: The False Prophet

The false prophet in Revelation is the mouthpiece for the Antichrist and brings the world to its knees to worship this false Savior. Who is he […]

Doomsday: Revelation 6

Revelation 6 is an unfolding of God’s judgment in the Tribulation. Discover the antichrist and afterlife. What will these times look like? Man, who has rejected […]

The Throne Room of God: Revelation 4

John the Apostle gives us a glimpse of God’s Throne Room in Heaven and the throng around the throne. Who are the beasts and the elders? […]

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