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Building a Life (Solomon Series)

Solomon took on a great building project during his reign as king. As he built the Temple to honor God and oversaw that project, there are […]

Kids Raised to Leave: Make a Great Handoff!

As parents, grandparents, extended family and friends we’re given a calling to hand-off the faith to the next generation. A faith that isn’t merely externalized and […]

Passing On the Blessing

The Blessing is something we all crave and long for in life. The approval, appreciation, and affirmation is what we need to keep moving forward. The […]

How to Hope

Every trial in life is an opportunity to discover what God wants us to see and to experience His hope-giving presence. Jesus, according to Peter, is […]

Relate and Invite: Jesus’ Model

John’s gospel describes the stories of disciples who discovered and followed Jesus because someone invited them. Andrew and Peter, Phillip and Nathaniel are two examples. We […]

Bending Over Backwards: Healing the Crippled Woman

We can see people – but totally miss the person – their story. The woman bent over with scoliosis was ignored by the crowd. But Jesus […]

A More Excellent Way (Corinth Part Six)

The Apostle Paul (in 1 Cor. 13) challenges a couple of different paths where the believers have gotten sideways and are missing the “most excellent way” […]

Guided Freedom (Corinth)

The Apostle Paul unpacks in (ch. 10) some insights to what true freedom for believers entails. It’s a “guided freedom” – a freedom that exercises constraints […]

Corinth Pt. 3: Marks of Maturity

Maturity is marked more by a weight on relational indicators than performance indicators. Maturity is also marked by our love for God and our understanding of […]

The Real God: Kindness

God’s nature is kind. Kindness surprises; it lingers and people remember it – it changes things… Kindness draws you closer, (isn’t that what Paul says in […]

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