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Can You Protect Your Child?

Can you protect your child? As parents we often want what’s best for our children – I love what Psychologist Jonathon Haidt suggest about hardships and […]

Countdown on Opportunity

Open doors, chance meetings, fleeting moments with treasured family and friends may soon pass us by. Carpe Diem (seize the moment) is a Biblical principle. Solomon […]

Get Free in Christ: Unhook Your Trailer

What are the things that slow you up in life? You know, the gum that sticks to the bottom of your shoe, the spare tire you […]

God the Rescuer: The Chilean Miners

All of you have seen the struggle, the perseverance, the prayers and the miraculous deliverance of these men from the jaws of death… The Chilean miners […]

Jesus: Number One is the Best!

ONE is the best number. It conveys aspiration, new beginnings and uniqueness. The ONE we worship is supreme. He is unlike any other. The strongest number […]

Moments With My Little Girl

Every father has a soft spot for his daughter. It doesn’t matter if she is three or thirty-three. The Schull girls are especially cherished by their […]

Stirred Heart or Stagnant Soul?

Haggai-now that’s a name that seldom comes up in conversation! Who is this mysterious Old Testament preacher and why should we heed his words? Recently, I […]

The Plunge

Sometimes we don’t realize how “far down” Jesus had to go to save sinful man. I guess it’s because we really can’t get a handle on […]

Try Parenting in Slices

A New Year brings thoughtful reflection. We say things like “time flies” or “where did the time go?” Perhaps we should remember this: I’m reminded that […]

Weighty Matters: God Looks at the Heart

Do you struggle with losing weight? Every day is a battle, one calorie at a time. And then there is that wicked cupcake, that seductive pizza, […]

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