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Cohabitation: What Does God Say?

Fifty-four percent of American couples are choosing to live together rather than to be married. We must ask ourselves: Which “benefits” of cohabitating are you most […]

Perspective is Everything

Our self-image must come from who we are in Christ. We are blessed, blameless, chosen, adopted, forgiven and redeemed by the work of Jesus on the […]

Your Inside Voice: How You Know God is Speaking

Hearing God’s voice is essential to your walk with God. There are several basic questions you must ask yourself. Have you trusted Christ? Do you have […]

You Are God’s Masterpiece

Paul teaches that we are God’s poema-His “masterpiece” designed to reflect His character on the earth. Grace is God’s means for our transformation. Preached at Bent Tree […]

Christ: A New and Living Way

Jesus, our High Priest, made the way into God’s presence. Priests had compassion for you, they are able to deal gently with you because they understand […]

Glue: Sticking Together When You’re Pulled Apart

God made both men and women in His image with equal worth and value. He also made them distinctive-equally different, and gave them the responsibility of […]

Once Upon a Kingdom: The Unforgiving Servant

The unmerciful servant was forgiven a huge debt, and, in return, showed no mercy for the small debt he was owed. Unforgiveness is holding onto a […]

In Christ, I Am a Piece of Art

God wrote two New Testament poems: one in Romans, “the creation is His masterpiece;” one in Ephesians, “WE are His masterpiece.” We are uniquely formed and […]

Identity Redefined

I live who I believe I am. Our identity causes our tendencies which lead to our actions that have consequences that shape our reality. Preached at […]

Enemies: What Would Jesus Do?

Bless. Pray. Don’t retaliate. Give without expecting in return. Love unconditionally. That’s what Jesus would do. Preached at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship. Used by permission. Featured […]

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