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Fight for the Truth! (2 John)

The little letter of 2 John was critical in preserving the integrity of God’s message. John encourages and warns the church at the same time to […]

Proverbs: Premeditated Parenting

Build a home, not a house. Godly living is caught more than taught. Every child needs consequences, not empty threats. Rules without relationship lead to rebellion. […]

Follow the Battle Plan! 1 Peter

If we do not battle our sinful desires, Satan wins. Victorious Christian living will silence our critics, point people to God and bring others into the […]

Facing Your Egypt: When Life Overwhelms You

Joseph’s brothers had to come to terms with the sins of their past when they were forced to go to Egypt for food. Filled with remorse […]

Sons of God, Daughters of Men: The Weirdest Bible Story

The unusual passage in Genesis 6 teaches that the culture was defined by its fallen heroes, sexual perversion, widespread corruption and violent headlines, just like today. God’s […]

Grow Up! The Dangers of Stunted Spirituality?

Paul teaches there are three types of people: those who don’t know God, those who do and those who know God but act like they don’t. […]

Raising Good Kids Against Bad Odds

Raising children in a corrupt society has its challenges. Hold on tight: commit to the tough process, provide clear direction, encourage more than discourage and release […]

Big God vs. Little god-The Rich Young Ruler

An idol is usually a good thing that becomes a god thing. We worship what we love and pursue most with our hearts and our actions. […]

How to Be Wildly Wealthy

Invest with the right team. Pray now or pay later. Past obedience guarantees future usefulness. Real discipleship affects our wealth, comfort, power and fame. For the […]

Snakes on a Plain

The story of the complaining Israelites in the wilderness teach us many lessons. God gives us salvation and freedom, but often, God’s people are impatient and […]

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