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God, the Builder

As I greeted the day with a smile on my face, thinking about His goodness and faithfulness throughout the years, I could not wait to spend […]

Release that Past!

As we begin to talk I would ask you, “At the perfect age you are now, do you have any regrets… any “what ifs”… any “what could have […]

You Have a Choice

I always love how the Holy Spirit gently nudges when He has something to share… Upon returning home from the magnificent Southern Rocky Mountains, there was something […]

How Will You Respond?

This morning as I woke up and tended to the needs of my precious 12 year old pup whom I simply adore, I was pleasantly welcomed […]

You Can Be Restored

Have you ever struggled with not feeling worthy? Maybe you have lived in a shame based identity for years, never feeling like you measure up. Perhaps […]

Redeemed and Restored in His Presence!

I love the early mornings, surrounded by quietness and peace. A time when I can spend some special uninterrupted moments with the Lord. During this time […]

You Are His Beautiful Masterpiece!

Today I wanted to share with you a foundational truth that every person needs to hear and be settled in. In a world that glorifies “self”… […]

God Sends the Best to You

This morning I woke up early in Ohio to much cooler weather, and as I looked out of our hotel room window, I was met with […]

We Must Believe!

There was a man, many years ago, who was intimately acquainted with Jesus. He and his two sisters were greatly loved by the Lord and fellowshipped […]

Speak to the Storm!

Have You Learned to Speak To The Storm? In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus had just finished ministering to the multitudes…and He was about to display to His disciples His […]

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