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Jesus’ Birth: Against All Odds

When we talk about the chances or odds of something, we are speaking of the likelihood of the unfolding of a future event Some things are […]

Dysfunctional Families: Jacob and Laban

One of the most used (if not overused) terms of our culture is the term dysfunctional. It has become the chic descriptor of flawed and broken people and […]

Pain: God’s Biggest Problem

Perhaps the biggest impediment to believing in God (as stated by those who don’t) is the presence of pain and suffering in the world. How can […]

The Future Looks Uncertain…But God

“The Future Looks Uncertain…but God” Daniel 2 Introduction Predicting the future is big business People have created an industry, from fortune cookies to horoscopes In the […]

The Gift of Jesus Christ

Introduction Gold: emblematic of Jesus coming to be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords Matthew 2:2 A metal fit for a king Frankincense: emblematic […]

Christmas: The Right Season

Introduction Favorite Christmas Song “White Christmas” – best-selling Christmas song of all time Guinness Book of World Records – over 50 million sales Written in 1940 […]

Can Christmas Lead You to Christ?

The very message of Christmas is the message of salvation.

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