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Surprising Facts About Your Eternal Home

Through the years, I have observed that most people (even Christians) have ideas about what heaven will be like that are vastly different from how Scripture […]

What You Need to Know to Make Your Marriage Last

Is a lifetime commitment to a spouse even reasonable? Does permanence have to become a goal if it means a couple just has to grin and bear […]

Noah: Fact-Check Your Lifestyle

Noah’s legendary faith allowed him to look to the future as he refused to be “conformed to this world” in the present (see Romans 12:2). It […]

Evil Happens. But God…

The story of Joseph is one of the Bible’s most compelling tales. And the most gripping feature is the difference between Joseph’s outlook and that of […]

Seeing Truth Clearly

Hiram Johnson said, “The first casualty in war is truth.” God’s people have been in a cosmic battle since the fall. Satan’s first allegation against truth […]

Haters Hate…But God! (David and Saul)

The story of David and King Saul teaches us how God can intervene in any situation to deliver us.

Come Alive! Easter

The resurrection of Jesus is either a fairy tale or the most wonderful and hopeful event in history. A resurrection from the dead may sound ridiculous […]

Jude: A Call to Battle

Standing for God’s truth is a serious thing. Standing against it carries major repercussions. In this series, Skip Heitzig presents Jude’s call to get in the […]

The Unrivaled Power of God

God is called Almighty fifty-seven times in Scripture. It means that the resources of His power are boundless. He is unlimited in His ability and unconstrained in His […]

How to Stand When Others Fall

If you have ever tried to walk straight while aboard a ship being tossed by the ocean’s waves, you know how hard that is. The motion […]

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